Liquid Stevia

About Amai Health Products Inc.

Amai Health Products Inc. was formed in 1999 although SUPER STEVIA™ has been in Health Food stores and Healthcare offices since 1997. Our founder Janice Morris RN and accomplished creator of raw vegan specialty foods ( has had a lifelong interest in nutrition and the role it plays in the prevention of disease and the maintenance of superior health.
With full knowledge of the potential danger of artificial sweeteners and Sucralose and the physical and emotional instability caused by refined sugar, she is very excited to offer an herbal sweetener instead of these harsh substances. Janice feels the sale of chemicals and chlorinated sugar is unconscionable. She has seen great improvements in people’s health simply by eliminating the “pink, blue and yellow” packets from their diets. “Anytime you can go into your local coffee house and grab handfuls of (free) packets of anything it can’t be that good for you”..
Amai Health Products Inc. has another website

Amai Health Products Inc. has another website


All the Good Taste Without the Calories