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All stevia products are not the same. Derived from the herb Stevia Rebaudiana we offer a calorie and carbohydrate free sweetener that is easily adapted to your favorite recipes. In a recyclable squeeze bottle both SUPER STEVIA™ liquid and SUPER STEVIA™ liquid Vanilla can be easily transported in a purse or pocket.

We have been selling the lightest cleanest tasting stevia available since 1999. SUPER STEVIA™  is loved cause it simply doesn't have an aftertaste or bitterness so often seen in other stevia products.

Any truly superior stevia product should offer a sweet essence and nothing else. We make that claim.

SUPER STEVIA™ will dissolve and blend instantly. If you have tried other stevia products in the past we can assure you this stevia is remarkable.


Is SUPER STEVIA™good for us?
It is good for you in the sense of what it won’t do. Unlike artificial sweeteners and refined sugar, SUPER STEVIA™ won’t give you calories, or introduce chemicals into your body, it won’t raise your blood sugar, it won’t give you the sugar blues, it won’t hurt your teeth and it won’t irritate your pancreas. It won’t make your children hyper and unable to concentrate. Often people have headaches that are easily resolved when they stop using artificial sweeteners!!!

How to use SUPER STEVIA™
The key to using SUPER STEVIA™ is to start with one drop and add as desired. A little goes a long way!

Either one of our liquid stevia products have multiple uses. No refrigeration is needed.

Salad dressings typically have some form of sugar in them so SUPER STEVIA™ can be a safe natural sugar substitute. Use our flavored liquid stevia in specialty drinks at the coffee house. Mixing a little lemon or lime and SUPER STEVIA™ in water is always refreshing.

Flavored Liquid Stevia
The newest member to our product line is Vanilla SUPER STEVIA™! Offered in a 2 fl.oz squeeze bottle,twice the amount of our Original SUPER STEVIA™Vanilla SUPER STEVIA™ is beyond versatile and delicious. Use in oatmeal, sparkling soda, tea, coffee, blended frozen bananas, green smoothies and more!

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All the Good Taste Without the Calories